ADDINOL The Experts for High-Performance Lubricants

We at ADDINOL develop and produce high-performance lubricants of the new generation. Among these are automotive lubricants for highest demands and pioneering developments for industrial applications.

Our customers all over the world benefit from the high and stable quality of our ADDINOL high-performance lubricants, our know-how and the individual customer advisory service of our competent experts.

New transmission oil for heavy commercial vehicles: ADDINOL Transmission MBS 75W-90

Transmissions under high loads in heavy commercial vehicles of Mercedes-Benz place complex requirements on their lubrication. Even under highest thermal strain, components must be protected reliably and over longest oil drain intervals against deposits. An optimised efficiency is meant to bring about a significant fuel-saving potential.

New gas engine oils for GE Jenbacher Series 4 and 6

Engines built by GE Jenbacher are in use throughout the world. For the utilisation of landfill and sewage gas engines of series 4 and 6 with aluminium pistons are in great demand in many countries. They are also often applied when it comes to operations with natural gas and cleaned special gases.

For these engines in particular the...