ADDINOL The Experts for High-Performance Lubricants

We at ADDINOL develop and produce high-performance lubricants of the new generation. Among these are automotive lubricants for highest demands and pioneering developments for industrial applications.

Our customers all over the world benefit from the high and stable quality of our ADDINOL high-performance lubricants, our know-how and the individual customer advisory service of our competent experts.

For four-stroke engines of fast bikes ADDINOL Pole Position SAE 5W-40

Being an all-rounder meeting highest specifications and having a viscosity of SAE-grade 5W-40, ADDINOL Pole Position 5W-40 is the perfect addition to our Pole Position engine oil series for four-stroke bikes!
It ensures both reliable lubrication of wet clutches even under sporty driving conditions and optimum engine performance at full power....

Brandnew edition of our company newspaper

The current issue of our "The World of ADDINOL" contains many interesting topics from the world of our lubricants. In this years edition you learn more about the benefits of our high-efficiency lubricants and latest trends in the development of engine oils. In addition, we give an insight into the test benches at our laboratoryand look...