ADDINOL The Experts for High-Performance Lubricants

We at ADDINOL develop and produce high-performance lubricants of the new generation. Among these are automotive lubricants for highest demands and pioneering developments for industrial applications.

Our customers all over the world benefit from the high and stable quality of our ADDINOL high-performance lubricants, our know-how and the individual customer advisory service of our competent experts.

Completely revised folder on high-performance lubricants for gas engines

ADDINOL Gas engine oils are state-of-the-art. They have been developed in close co-operation with leading additive manufacturers and OEM, tailored to the complex and versatile requirements of demanding gas engines. ADDINOL offers the perfectly fitting product for each application and all operating conditions. Whether plants are operated with...

ENERTRAG makes use of ADDINOL Longlife-Warranty

The European energy supplier ENERTRAG focuses on sustainability by generating electricity exclusively from renewable sources, especially from wind energy. By now, the company is among the leading wind energy suppliers with 540 wind turbines installed and 2.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced per year. Many plants are operated in...